Friday, February 24, 2006

February 2006

February Status
BI Group Mechanical Company Update:

Our efforts continue to be focused on process development and estimating. We secured a few jobs with a major industrial client which will enable us to ramp up our operations team. We are continuing to bid on projects that align with our target market. Currently our certifications has been approved with the Port Authority of NY&NJ, NJDOT, and NJTransit, as a DBE. We were approved by Con Ed as a minority/women owned business. Our next step is to get approval from the procurement teams which is part of the vendor selection process. This has been a lengthy certification process, but we are determined to stay focused and pursue the right clients.

Our recruiting efforts are underway for engineering/ technicians with Mechanical Engineering backgrounds. We designed an Internship Program working with a local engineering school. The intern (s) selected will get experience in their field. Many of the student are academically strong but have no practical experience. It will be fascinating to measure and monitor their growth. We anticipate a late March timeframe for staffing the first rotation.

In the area of marketing we hired graphic designer and now have a new logo, business card, and brochure. This, we believe is a step in the right direction. On the financial side we have incorporated new accounting software to compliment our workflow. We are positioned to take on the mid size projects ( up to $150K) of short duration and one large, multi year project. A bank has given us a sizeable business credit line and we have a good potential for growth.

Coaching and Mentoring Update:
I am working on the deliverables set by my coaches in the areas of finance and project selection. I am still using the model we outlined and seeking jobs that best fit our criteria. I completed the questionnaire for Dresydne and look forward to the 3/10 meeting, as well as, the April full day Women's Unlimited session. My coaches have invited our firm to post our logo and company information on their website.

Media Update: 

I was featured in second article for the Bergen record on February 14th, which focused on salary inequalities for women. American Express confirmed that I will be featured in their internal publication. The 3M Booth team confirmed that Fortune Magazine will include me a piece coming soon. I have to follow up as each piece is published. This is great media and I will have to find an effective way to leverage it going forward for the betterment of the company.