Monday, April 24, 2006

March 2006

March Status
BI Group Mechanical Company Update:

We continue to work on bids submissions and walk throughs for clients. Fortunately we secured two of the jobs and are in the throws of execution, mastering the payment process, and identifying future opportunities. Also I conducted to workshops on economics and finance for Training Inc. The audience was 20+ to 50 years of age, primary women. The reviews were captivating and refreshing since most seemed to get a lot out of the session. Each time I conduct one of my seminars I realize there is a serious need for infomation on economics and business, offered in a way that is simplified and applied to families.

On the home front I was extremely busy planning my wedding which turned out to be a great time for all, approx 120 persons. St. Patricks day will have a new meaning in my life going forward since that was the day I wed. I will take the luck of the Irish any day.

I attended a Networking function with the NY & NJ Council in Parsippany which enabled us to understand the needs of some corporate clients and stay in connected. I must actively pursue a few of them in the coming months.

We identified two Mechanical Engineering interns and plan to bring them in to assist in developing and documenting some of the back office functions. Our bookkeeper is working to get our financial picture wrapped up for 2005 and properly aligned for 2006. Finally our bank is looking at ways to provide a second line of credit for the Business. If this is granted we will be in better shape as we target our market. Now it's about sales, sales, and more sales.

Coaching and Mentoring Update:
We experienced a fantastic training session with Dresydne on March 10, 2006. I hope we can have another session before the program wraps up. The focus was to reposition ourselves as business owners to have a long term and strategic view of where we want to be. The book billionaire in training was issued along with a journal to track our progress. I certainly walked away with a positive outlook and more tools to align with the plan to build and grow my team, processes, and systems. I have been reading the book regularly.

Media Update: 
As I was walking to the Count Me in training at the Headquarters, I received confirmation from 3M Boothon that Small Business Fortune will include a quote from me in the April Edition. I know this is an honor. I look forward to seeing the entire article since the focus may be on women in business.