Monday, July 31, 2006

June 2006

Business Update

This month was extremely busy with training new staff in estimating and sales. The preplanning to insure everyone has a full plate is essential and the need to measure the results it critical. We were successful in securing a major client and now are
actively planning the project at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. This was an unexpected win for us. Now we must concentrate on insuring we can delight the client while learning their style.

The Count Me in Fund Raiser in NYC was delightful. It gave us a chance to reconnect with some of the participants, hear of the great accomplishment achieved by the women and compare notes. Just being there made you proud of the being associated with the program.

On June 19th we received an Gold Star Award from one of our key clients for excellance in services. We hope to market this to other clients in the industrial to grow our base. Since we are actively targeting the industrial market and the client are so large the sales cycle is long and replete with unknowns, but persistence should win in the end.

Mentoring Update
Met Stephanie at the recent CMI gala. We are planning to regroup in the July/August timeframe once we have more financial details to present.