Thursday, August 24, 2006

July 2006

" Enjoy Life.......there are no reruns.
-Shirl Lowery

Business Updates
We are in the thick of managing our relationships with the Unions. When you think of complex payroll structures, gray areas between discipliines, and unwritten enforceable rules, think union. They make it quite challenging to navigate the waters. It seems that the some of the key trades are extremely antiquated with their back end operations. Hopefully they will eventually step into the new milleneum technological and common sensibly. For our firm it is important that we create harmony as this is our prime labor pool, but we have to be fair to ourselves and our clients in the process.

This month we are working on multiple projects for solid clients. Each client is different (1) Quasi- Gov, (2) Construction Manager work on a Public Project, and (3) Private Fortune 500. Learning differences, in the clients style will help us plan forward and determine which clients profile fits best with our operations. Cashflow, scope, and ease of operational integration are key drivers in our selection. As a result of the new work our staff has triped in size, we have automated our payroll, and secured new credit relationships with major suppliers. Suprising our suppliers have been a good source of leads for future work.

We are in the final stages of certification with the Port Authority and Con Edision. Both clients offer significant promise for the future. Some major lessons learned over the month of July was how to work with the SheetMetal workers. Their process is totally opposite to all the other trades in that they control the materials and labor on their jobs. Ultimately it can make things easier if you know the process. If not, as in our case, it will create unnecessary work and lost time. We learned the hard way. Thankfully the job that was impacted is still on track.

Mentoring Updates
We implemented processes and added staff to keep our financial house in order. When meeting with my coaches, we are planning to discuss data from 2Q06 and forward in August, after some of the family vacations are completed. I am seeking guidance and feedback on how we are proceeding thus far using the model that our Mentoring team set in place earlier this year. Our sales momentum was impacted in March when our energies were re directed, but we are recovering. Finally two of us have been chosen to attend an intense estimating class sponsored by NJ Transit/Corporations/Rutgers University,which started in July. It is conducted every Saturday from 8AM to 12 PM til mid Oct. That class ended my summer travel plans and late mornings.

Media Updates
2005 NYC Women from my team Pamela and Francine were featured this month. I read about Pamela Coppola in a recent article and I believe Francine was on the radio. I say Hats off to the ladies. We all benefit when CMI and 3M is featured in the media.